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AI Generated Fitness Schedule

This workflow shows a step by step of how AI generated can be dropped into your calendar.


How to create a board and general information.

Calendar Settings

Customize and setup the DayViewer calendar and other views to your  preferences.

Create Stages / Agendas In Entries

Break down large tasks into stages, and create event & meetup agendas.

Example of a Task Board

Grouping example of tasks in a Kanban system using DayViewer Boards (Columns Type)

List System

Lists are a quick and easy way to plan work, keep information organized  and to help you easily see smaller tasks (to-do's).

Pro Membership

Benefits and points to be aware of.

Team Room Further Information

Information on DayViewer Team Rooms

DayViewer Entry Types

Entries in DayViewer are abstracted into various types. This section describes each type and properties and functions thereof.


How to create forms and more detailed information & use cases.

Creating Calendar Entries

Methods of creating time dependent entries in DayViewer that will show in the online calendar.

Form Video Guides

A run-through of how to create forms and more operations.

Reminder Notifications

How to get a reminder notifications in advance of your events and other entries.


Labelling (tagging) entries are a great way to keep related entries organized.

Journal Posts

Journal Information and Features


Information and Features of Notes


Guide & Information on the Contact Section


Information and Guide to Events

Recur Entries

Instructions for recurring or repeat entries within your DayViewer calendar.

Fast Planner

Create entry templates and drag & drop to calendar interface for better work management

Sharing Entries

How to create a shareable link to any entry type.

Attaching An Image or File To Entry

Instructions and guide how to attach an image to an entry.